How to Be Creative ?

How to be creative ?

What is creativity?

Creating something new in the real world is creativity while just the idea of ​​doing something new is called imagination. 

Creative means the power to create something new. 

Am I creative Or am I born just to enjoy this life?

 The world is as modern as it is today only because our ancestors were creative and found creative solutions to problems. Will we or our generation be so creative? With the way technology is trying to take over our brains, it looks like this will be the last generation of creative minds. 

But no…….  

It is a process that is somewhat innate in humans. (Which is seen in children.) They are creative. As the brain develops, our creative power should increase but it does not happen. This is because we are not able to make continuous creative efforts in life. And those who do this are on the pinnacle of success.  

It was the creative power of Graham Bell, on the basis of which he invented the phone and then gradually the invention of the wireless phone became possible. 

It was the creative power of Steve Jobs that he brought to the top of the Apple company, with ideas that were not accepted among the people at that time. People did not like the touch screen phone without buttons, but Jobs introduced it among the people with his creative power, and today the Apple company sells the most expensive phones.    

Creativity is not an on/off switch. It can only be developed. Your creativity is tested in any job these days. Creative solutions are sought. Are we ready for all this?

How to be creative

(There can be many answers to this question, I will wait for your questions and answers)

1. To be creative, the first thing you need is imagination. Imagination gives birth to creativity. Visualize solutions to problems. Thousands of new ideas will be in front of you. 

Remember that imagination is just and only imagination, it can be right or wrong from time to time, but it is just imagination. It may depend on the circumstances whether your assumption is right or wrong. You have to allow your mind to imagine, you can decide what is right or wrong.  

The mind can create a garbage dump in the form of imaginations, let it do so. The habit of always being right and making no mistakes is the dead form of your creative power. 

2. Give yourself time, resort to solitude. 

Being constantly busy with work and doing only scheduled work can never increase your creative power. You can be creative only when you think in that state of mind. At least 90% of the people in the job work without any creativity. And maybe that's why they work for the rest of their lives. 

Give yourself a break, imagine, what are the possible solutions to the problems you want to solve. What could be the new solutions? 

If you are angry with someone, then imagine that you are talking to him, venting your anger on him. Trust me you will find yourself better. You love someone, imagine you are with him. Imagine a movie or character you like, and put yourself there. It may sound a bit funny in the beginning but it develops your imagination. It strengthens the neural structure of your brain. 

3. Concentration: There will be less than 1% of people in this world who can concentrate on only one subject for just one minute. If you don't believe it, then try it yourself. This scattering of thoughts in the mind increases the figures in your mind but destroys your concentration. To imagine your thoughts, your mind should have the power to keep imagining on a subject for hours and not get distracted.  

That's what a writer does most of the time. They stay away from possible distractions and fantasize. It is not very difficult to imagine anything but it is definitely difficult for a writer to do it continuously until he writes a whole novel, but he does it and gets the result. 

4. Stop Judging Yourself: While fantasizing about creative ideas, you may find that your ideas are stupid, or not even possible. This is normal so stop judging yourself. Silly thoughts, questions and answers are also constructive. 

5. Read creative writing. It enhances your imagination. Our brain remembers pictures rather than words because it connects the parts of the picture that it sees, in the same way our brain connects imagination. The link between one imagination and another continually helps us to do this.

A fixed mind just enjoys, so avoid “just enjoying” it. A fixed mind hinders the progress of any human being. So the more creative raw materials you present to it, the more creative and imaginative it will continue to be. 

After an age, children and elders start losing their creativity because they get stuck in the bonds of life in which it is easy to live but the possibilities of growing and developing are decreasing. 

To have a developed mind, it is necessary to have your progressive thinking and creative power. 

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