Anushasan HIndi Novel

"अणुशासन" (Anushasan)


Delhi 2010: A Tragedy and an Untold Love Story. "अणुशासन" takes you into the depths of the Mayapuri Radiological Incident and an unseen love story.

Sudhir, a struggling Hindi writer who has faced failure in his master's degree, and Richa, a daring journalist, together investigate a mysterious event that shook Delhi. Uncovering the dangerous effects of radioactive sources sold by professors, this story weaves in their love story.

As they unravel the mysteries of this incident, their bond deepens. Sudhir’s quest for success in his writing and Richa’s curiosity in journalism take them on a journey that will captivate not only them but also the readers.

But when Sudhir discovers he has also been affected by radiation, their lives take a new turn. Will their love withstand this tough test? Will Sudhir achieve his dreams?

"अणुशासन" is a fascinating story beautifully presenting the complexities of history, science, and human relationships. Sudhir and Richa’s story will give you a unique glimpse of love, struggle, and hope.

Read this thrilling and heart-touching novel to see how a tragedy brings two hearts closer and turns failure into success.

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